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"I came upon a doctor who appeared in quite poor health. I said, ‘There’s nothing that I can do for you that you can’t do for yourself.’ He said, ‘Oh yes you can. Just hold my hand. I think that would help.’ So I sat with him awhile then I asked him how he felt. He said, ‘I think I’m cured.’"
- Connor Oberst

About Us

What is the Compassionate Vendor Program?

C.V.P is a product of United Learning Foundation (; an in-demand consulting firm that provides high quality trainings for all employees that interface with the general public on how to best serve those that live with unseen challenges (disabilities).

The Compassionate Vendor Program is a third-party certification that is officially recognized by the United States federal government. Each institution that chooses to train its employees on how to reach every customer and create a more inclusive, compassionate, and empathetic environment for people of all abilities, as well as meeting all other set criteria, will be certified through the Compassionate Vendor Program. Upon completion of the program only these businesses may proudly display the C.V.P. certification logo as a way to publicly acknowledge their commitment to their community, as well as be listed in this on-line directory.

Certification through the Compassionate Vendor Program is the gold standard in customer service.

What is United Learning Foundation?

United Learning Foundation (U.L.F) is a multi-platform consulting, training, and advocacy firm. All activities are constructed around the mission to make this world a more compassionate, empathetic, and welcoming place for all individuals that live with physical and/or intellectual challenges. U.L.F. aspires to create communities that welcome each of us wholly and completely, and dreams of a day when "us" and "them" thinking is replaced with only a "we" sense of being. (

  • Customers and Families

    Use this directory as a reference to verify if your favorite establishments, school districts and their educators, or government agencies have invested in this Compassion Training for their employees.

    Questions or comments? Contact us.

    Training focuses

    These trainings focus on better serving individuals with intellectual challenges including but not limited to:

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)
    • Alzheimer’s / Dementia
    • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
    • Dyslexia / Dyscalculia


    Only businesses that have completed this training will have the privilege of being listed in this directory and prominently display the C.V.P. certification mark in their establishment.

    Business interested in offering this training to employees, visit the FAQ section for more information.


Please be patient as we grow this movement in an effort to change the world; one day, one training at a time. Check back often for new certifications of establishments. If there is a business you would like to see certified feel free to send us an email via our contact page. Thank you!

City of Clovis Transit Dept.

  • Clovis
  • CA

Fresno EOC

  • Fresno
  • CA

City of Fresno Parking Enforcement Officers

  • Fresno
  • CA

City of Fresno Customer Service Representatives

  • Fresno
  • CA

Sanger Unified School District Transportation

  • Sanger
  • CA

Business FAQ's

It has been proven that trainings for your employees is the most cost effective measure you can make to your establishment to best accommodate individuals with any challenges.

One often hears, “it’s not personal, it’s business” but we tend to scoff at that idea. It is personal. If people are not emotionally invested in your product or mission, than you miss the opportunity to connect with what your customers or clients value most: to feel as though they are spending their hard earned resources of time, energy, and money with a business, organization, or school that values each and every person.

Any employee who interacts with clients, customers, or students in any capacity.

Objectives: Each training is 45-60 minutes in length. The information is delivered in a clear, concise, and well organized manner to make the best use of your time. The tips and techniques taught are easy for everyone to use. This training is offered to teach employees HOW to pick up on cues, diffuse situations, understand what challenged processing may look like, and how to understand challenges from an empathetic point of view.

Goals of each training include but are not limited to:

  • How to recognize behaviors and characteristics of challenged processing
  • Equip attendees with practical and easily applicable tips, techniques, and tools for assisting customers with various cognitive or developmental disabilities
  • Educate employees on how to create a culture of understanding and compassion for those moments when guardians must assist an individual who is experiencing a “melt down”
  • Participate in hands on empathy-enhancing activities
  • Provide real life examples based on years of working with challenged individuals on a daily basis Short Q&A.

Note: each training module is modified for the specific industry and who is being trained; yet the basic outline, lessons, activities, and objectives of the course are all the same.

Your trainer will be founder and CEO, Tiffany A. Potter (visit her bio here) or, depending on geography, a fantastic trainer from the team. Each trainer has been vetted through an extensive process to guarantee the best training possible.

It would be wonderful to have a projector and screen. if one is not available, fear not! Each trainer will bring with them what they need to successfully train the course.

Not at all. We are willing to travel the globe to teach compassion and empathy. This program was created out of a soulful desire to shift the energy of this world, to bring about profound changes by marrying business with education and advocacy like none have seen before.

Fees vary depending upon your specific needs. We can guarantee that the cost is extremely reasonable and purposely kept low so that is is affordable for business, large and small.

Send us an email via our contact form to discuss your specific needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Excellent (and fair) question. After the completion of the certification process each establishment will receive:

  • A C.V.P. window decal to display on your front door, proudly announcing to customers your investment in inclusive service to the community.
  • Each employee that attends a training will receive a C.V.P. lapel pin to wear when at work.
  • C.V.P. Table tents/signage for placement on counters and tables.
  • Your business is listed for three years (the length of your active certification) on this online directory (no additional cost).

Contact Us

C.V.P. & U.L.F.

Phone Number: 619-634-3082


If you are ready to begin in the certification process; or have questions, comments, or media requests please fill out the form. We will get back to you within 72 hours.